Brazilian Steakhouse with Fresh Salad Bar

Two Juicy stakes grilling on the barbeque with lots of flame licking around them
Two Juicy stakes grilling on the barbeque with lots of flame licking around them

Welcome to Fort Lauderdale, sun, water, shopping, dining and friendly people. It is a well-known tourist destination and has many sites to take in when you are in the area. You could spend all day shopping in variety of shops and stores.  You might visit the Riverwalk Art and Entertainment District, Performing Arts Center Historical Center, go to a museum, or listen to music. You may decide to just walk and site see or take a boat ride. When it comes time to eat why not try something different than a traditional restaurant. From the diverse selection choose a Bazillion Steak House with a fresh salad bar. You won’t regret you choice after you see all the mouthwatering food choices they have, their huge buffet, and their wonderful manager and staff.

Fort Lauderdale also has some very unique restaurants. Brazilian food has a different taste and a Brazilian steakhouse will serve not only steaks but delicious salads, vegetables, cheese, side deserts etc. This restaurant offers a variety of mouthwatering dishes served to perfection.  For the main course you can order varies cuts of beef (prepared just for you, the way you want it), pork, lamb, fish, steak, or poultry. The quality of the food is fantastic. You will be served by the wonderful wait staff. They are all courteous and friendly. They meet you at the door when you come in and escort you to your table. They will provide you with a menu and happily take your order. The restaurant was beautiful, the décor was out of this world, and the scenery was breathtaking.  The food is prepared by the experienced chef just the way you order it. The manager ensures that all the guest are satisfied with their food and service. He walks around to every table and speaks to each guest.

The buffet area has a grand buffet with much more than fresh vegetables on it. It has cheese, nuts, and hot sides. A few examples of the many items you can find on the salad bar are chourico, sweet potato salad, Curry chicken salad, black beans, marinated artichoke hearts, pickled beets, manchego, olives, onions, Heart of Palm, roasted zucchini, goat cheese, cheddar cheese, assortment of breads, soup of the day, and special of the day. You will find most of your scrumptious side dishes on the Buffet.

For desert you can order a traditional key lime pie. But if you sweet tooth wants something with lots of nuts, and fruits such as acai, mango, papaya, guava, orange, passion fruit or pineapple order one of the Brazilian deserts. You won’t be sorry you did you will be coming back for more.

A spectacular view of the ocean could been seen from the windows. The blue sky and the ocean waves are a splendid sight. You can eat as a sail boat slowly passes by or watch the ocean creatures and fish. The sight was serene and soothing which makes you enjoy your meal even more.

This restaurant is place you won’t soon forget. Whether you are a local or just visiting this is the place to dine. The delicious food, the professional staff and scenery will keep you coming back.

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