Brazilian steakhouse

A sliced juicy rump steak cooked to medium, with mashed potatoes and vegetables
A sliced juicy rump steak cooked to medium, with mashed potatoes and vegetables

Visiting a Brazilian steakhouse is an experience like no other.  It is a unique experience in fine dining.  Your meal begins like any other restaurant with the ordering of drinks.  One of our highly trained waiters will greet you at your table to take your beverage requests.  We offer a tasteful selection of fine wines, beers, crafted cocktails, and other beverages such as soft drinks.  If you aren’t sure what to order, just ask your waiter for recommendations.  This is just the beginning of the choices you’ll have the opportunity to select from when you visit.

The Rodizio Style Meal

Rodizio is what all you can eat restaurants in Brazil are called.  It includes an incredible salad bar that is filled with different types of cheeses, lettuce, tomatoes, roasted peppers, artichoke hearts, and a variety of seasonal vegetables. You can also select pre-made salads such as a potato salad from the salad bar.  Additionally, the salad bar area is stocked with different types of bread and a variety of Brazilian side dishes to accompany your meal.   Side dishes include traditional Brazilian favorites such as golden fried bananas, rice, beans, and fried polenta. There is no limit to the number of sides or trips to the salad bar you can take.  However, you will definitely want to save room for the main course as well.

The Brazilian Steakhouse Main Course Menu

We offer a delectable variety of meats, all fire-grilled and served on skewers. The food is brought to your table straight from the cooking pit.  When you signal to our staff that you are ready to begin your main course, chefs will begin bringing out a variety of tantalizing meats including a variety of cuts of beef such as filet mignon and sirloins.  You will also be tempted with pork dishes, sausages, leg of lamb, lamb chops, and various choices of chicken.  Just let the chef know what you’d like to try and it will be placed on your plate to enjoy.

A One of a Kind Restaurant Experience

This unique dining experience doesn’t end with your main course.   Also included in this delectable meal is dessert.  We offer many different sweet treats to finish off your meal.  And remember, as part of the rodizio experience, all food items are part of one set price.  When you enter our restaurant, each person pays a fixed price that includes the salad bar, sides, main course selections, and dessert.   Not only is this an all you can eat feast, it is truly a unique restaurant in Ft. Lauderdale.  The atmosphere is vibrant and the food is fine dining at its best.  So whether you are looking for a place to go for date night, a special occasion, or just because you want to sample a wide array of dishes, come join us soon!

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