Fort Lauderdale Steakhouse

mdaillon de porcWelcome to Fort Lauderdale’s premium Brazilian Steakhouse. The ocean front location offers a wonderful view of the beach and surf while guests enjoy the unique dining experience brought to you from the traditions of Brazilian churrascarias or steakhouses.

Who knows delicious Brazilian meat preparation better than the gauchos, cowboys, of South America? Born from their customs of slow-roasting skewered meat over their campfires, Brazilian steakhouses developed a unique serving style that combines fine dining and magnificent buffets.

According to these wonderful churrascaria traditions, patrons take their seats with color-coded cards. The color on one side alerts the roving servers that you are ready for their rodizio, rotisserie, offerings. The other side communicates your satisfaction and that you no longer desire more rodizio.

Once seated, your server provides menus for side dishes and drink selections. While your server fetches your fine wines, beers, mixed drinks, teas and soft drink orders, you can peruse the menu for any of the mouth-watering side dishes. Once you’ve made your side dish selections, now it’s time to visit the buffet-styled salad bar.

You take a stroll around the salad bar buffet and fill your plate with all the delectable fare you desire. When you return to your table, you flip your card to invite the meat carvers to commence their visits to your table. Now the fun begins.

The wandering carvers—laden with skewers of roasted beef of various types and marinades, chicken, pork, sausage, lamb and more, as well as grilled fruit to cleanse the palate—move from plate to plate, table to table. At your pleasure, they will slice off generous portions from their skewers right on to your plate. The rotation of carvers throughout the dining area creates a lively atmosphere with constant activity afoot. Patrons treat themselves to a substantial array of meats rather than the usual one per guest. You can enjoy a lot or a little of everything, sampling all the customary meat preparations of Brazil and South America.

Once filled, you turn your card over so the carvers know you have enjoyed enough of the delicious meats. Now it’s time to bring on the desserts. You may find it difficult to choose between the flan, crême brûlée, cheesecake and more. But do try. Each dessert has been finely crafted in-house to top off the perfect meal. 

Come, enjoy a new dining experience fit for the entire family. The Brazilian concept welcomes children of all ages, and they’ve been known to appreciate the excitement of dining with us, too. With the ocean-front view and delicious Brazilian offerings, you may forget you’re in Fort Lauderdale and believe yourself to be in Rio de Janeiro.

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